Evolutionary Love

by Jus Wright

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This is Evolutionary Love. This is the Collective Human Spirit, evolving through Love into knowing of Oneness. Through the trials, the revelations, the waves of life, we have an incredible opportunity to grow, learn, reconcile, heal, and recreate in a world with boundless possibility. When you look around, if you want, you can see that Evolutionary Love is happening everywhere right now and even in the darkest of circumstances. These songs are nonpositional frequencies of unconditional love flowing through eternity, frequencies that we are all connected to and I have channeled them through my lens of life to deliver them to you. Yes you, reading this now, this is for you.

Special Thanks to my friend Gabriela, Mom, Dad, and the Tribe, The Medicine Tribe, The Wookiefoot Family, Hawaii Ohana for continuing to be some of the greatest inspirations in my life.


released December 13, 2014

Album Artwork by Gabriela Santagata
Photoshop and Editing by Eva Weinberg

Recoded Live, Engineered and Mastered By Piet Dalmolen at
Universal Balance Studios
Arcata, Ca

Thanks and Praises to the Most High for giving me the freedom of will and Infinite support.



all rights reserved


Jus Wright Hilo, Hawaii

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Track Name: Evolutionary Love
Evolutionary Love

Butterfly's and Eskimos, in your blue green eyes I see the sun has rose
Take your time as the story goes, cuz we're here and now across the time zones
Lady love we've been so strong, the path is windy and the road is long
Dance your dance while I sing my song, we can show the world what keeps us movin on and I say

This is evolutionary love (x4)

Brother bear it's been so long, how the tides have changed and your hair has grown
Remember the cave we used to call our home, when momas arms used to keep us warm
Do you recall lifetimes ago, our souls were one with the animals
Sleep at night rise at dawn we would sing in the morning when we blessed the sun and we'd say

This is evolutionary love (x4)

I see pictures flicker all across my page, still photos of a golden age
Billy said ya know this worlds a stage, and you can be any roll that you wanna play
So I'm calling all the children home, for the mother the father and I are one
We are the daughters we are the sons, we are forgiven for everything we done

This is evolutionary love (x4)
Track Name: Out of My Mind
Outta My Mind

Baby lets get outta here, take a trip down that old dirt road
I know a place we can cast away or fears, give it all to the great unknown
Because what will be will always be, and I know we're not alone
I wish we could let it be set it free, oh let it go let it grow

Ain't no one we're supposed to be we're all worthy, to be wide awake in our deepest dreams ya
And whenever you're close to me how I can see, the keys I need to open up and sing

Right outta my mind, and I can help you dance right outta your head
We can share our love with each other instead, yeah we can share our love with each other instead.

Share our lovin

Oh let's go, over the mountains to the ocean
Let's go, over the rivers in the valley
Let's go, we'll adventure through the forest
Let's go, and we'll find our way
Yeah we'll find our way, we'll find our way(x4)

Track Name: In Come the Love
In Come the Love

Holy river holy water
flowin through me oh my goddess guide my way outta this mess let me speak of only the highest when i get distressed
help me find a way to rest
in peace in peace inside me help me set me free of this cage that i weave
Ego snares me so quickly
and its so tricky
It trips me that i can be
love and fear so the line is a curve
And what comes to me originated with the word
dont be ashamed no escape of this life i make
Stay awake its not too late

Oh in come the love
Then come fire then come rain the come joy then come the pain

Twist and turn all through the night
Cant sit still i cant stay quiet
This restlessness got me
Blessin less and im feelin the laps in my consciousness
I wanna open up to be all that i am
Feel the rhythm in my heart the pulse of the land
How can a man come to overstand the purpose of this life in the scheme of a plan
birthed with the first division of the one
the mother the father beget the sun
Shinin for the all for the all is the one
Now woman no cry we're all comin home

Oh in come the love
Then come fire then come rain the come joy then come the pain
Track Name: Zion Gates
Zion Gates

Wake up time to bake up givin thanks to the creator
one time for all my haters givin love to my relations
No doubt it's hard to face it oneness is just embrace it
You are all my family and without you Id never make it
Even if I wanted to blind to the fact that I am you
I would have to see the truth nothing in this world is new
We are all one family the family is strong
the frequency is oneness and it's comin through this song

One one we are one one, ascension frequency you that love is all we need (x2)
And to Zion gates we troddin, to irie ites we Rollin
Said Zion gates are callin, heaven on the earth unfolding(2x)

Here now is jus wright, time to spread my wings and fly
Time to open up my eyes purge the darkness from inside
Meditation learning patience, see the stories I've created
Given love I know we'll make it, follow truth I know i'll make it
Through corruption in these times bankers cross political lines
Real eyes realize real lies bless up stay purified
We are all one family the family is strong
the frequency is oneness and it's comin through this song

One one we are one one, ascension frequency you that love is all we need (x2)

Track Name: Mystery

What a mystery life you're calling me on a path that I can hardly see oh I wonder where this road will lead, I wonder who i'll meet [be] (x2)

On my own, I could never know which way to go though I'm
Never alone spirit guide me Home to you
Lead me home to the place where I began to roam to the
Heart of it all, spirit guide me home to you


Track Name: Raposa

I don't know just where I'm goin, so many places I call my Home
Yet the signs around me keep showin, I'd like to ask you to come along

And i know it seems crazy but I oh I want you to know
Just where my heart is and I, well I love you so.
Oh I love you so I love you so(x2)

So let these doors open before us, we'll set our sails and ride the wind
And if at all we forget the purpose we'll we are goin out and we'll come back in

Track Name: Take Me Away
Take Me Away

I don't wanna be a man, I wanna grow up no more
I'm jus gonna stay a child it's the best fun I know
I like climbing trees, I like playing in the sun

And when it falls asleep I will dream till a new days begun
When I dream I will see that life is moving perfectly and love is the way
And I will dream of a life we'll lived where mine is all that's left to give and love takes me away love takes me away
love take me away oh love take me away

To mountain tops and rolling hills jackfruit trees(evergreens) and ocean swells love take me away love take me away(x2)

I don't wanna have a plan, I wanna go with the flow
I find the best thing bout tomorrow is that I don't know
I wanna take my time, doin things that I love
This life is a lucid dream y'all we are makin it all up

Track Name: Love You Just the Same
I Love You Just the Same

I love you right now I will love you forever
I will take my sinful ways and get wash in the river
Drown my sorrows my pain and let them float away
I'm ready now I say to see the brighter day

So I'm lettin you go. I'm letting you go I'm letting you go
And I love you just the same I love you just the same I love you just the same

Mama always pray don't let him fall astray
The road is rough I say so please don't lose your way
From cradle to the grave don't live your life in vain
And everything will change just remember how to play

And she let me go, let me go. Let me go
And I love her just the same I love her just the same i love her just the same

My daddy was the man with the world in his hand
He took me by his side taught me to seek the light
And to open up my eye never to be fooled by a wolf in disguise.
The greatest fear i cried was to lose him as a guide

I'm lettin him go I'm lettin him go I'm lettin him go
And I love him just the same I love him just the same I love him just the same
Track Name: Manager

Well I may not be the manager, but I'm In charge of my happiness(x4)

I stumbled through the dark so many years, now I'm lettin the rain wash away my fears and the tears from my eyes so I can see again
Now I'm troddin through the valley on another road givin thanks givin thanks for the spirit shows the way so I don't have to be alone
Some a play a big boss soma scream out lout, for the people to give up and lay on down but I know that even they can't stop our shine
Ya know spirit is movin through everything all I gotta do is dance open up and sing, the song of my heart and I am free again


In charge in charge that's what I know, yet I stIll give it up and let the spirit flow I am a conduit for evolutionary love
Livin out my story livin up my life I am Standing in love every day and night for tomorrow's harvest today these seeds I sow
Create consciously oh child of Jah every moment you can choose fear or love and as you believe so shall you perceive
So believe in you, believe in me, and we can get together set our families free show them how to live life happily

Track Name: Let Peace Begin Tonight
Let Peace Begin Tonight

Heyaya hoye wayelo hey

Oh let peace begin tonight(x4)

My brothers and sisters, hold on tight, nows the time to open up our eyes
What you see around you may not like but our youth still suffer and our people die
I cannot stay silent while I hear their cries I will not be violent for I've realized
We are one people we have one life, let's get to stoppin bombs from droppin let the peace begin tonight


I lost my sister, I lost my wife I have lost my children, how many tears can I cry
Can anyone hear me am I even alive, can't sleep cuz these bombs keep droppin from the sky
Let's forget about the stories for they well tell all about his stories of bodies and shells
Let's start a new chapter, go find your light inside
Time to open up and shine so bright and let the peace begin tonight


Heyaya hoye wayelo hey
Track Name: Ho'oponopono

If i die before i wake
Ive got just a few things i have got to to say Its ok its alright
ive let go i dont wanna fight no mo alright
ive let go im not gonna fight no mo alright

I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you

I say hey
i want you to know youve made my day so many time so many ways
i want you to know just what you mean to me to me
i want you to know just what you mean to me


At the end of my days
i look at what i will take with me to the other side
these memories of your smile and the light in your eyes
these memories of your smile and the light in your eyes
your laughs and cries your laughs and cries


At the end of my days
When i look at what i will take with me
to, to the other side
these memories of your smile and the light in your eyes
your laughs and cries your laughs and cries